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Touch ID

Please for the love of god add in touch-ID for the passwords!!!

Very Helpful

I use this app quite a bit, especially for mobile deposits and reviewing transactions. One thing it still badly needs is Touch ID as the login process is very tedious for regular use.

I would give it 5 stars if you added touch support

Please and thank you 😌

Great App! Needs Touch ID now

The MAPSCU App is easy to use. I can view my account information or make changes in Bill Pay if need be, without using a computer. How come there is no Touch ID (fingerprint) for Apple iPhone users? All my other banking apps I can access with my thumb print - this is the only app I still need to type my password.

Needs a little work

I've had the app basically since it came out, and it's came a long way since then, and it works well and does what you need, just needs a little work. I mainly just use it to check my balances and make transfers and credit card payments. My only issue is that it use to tell you how much you owe on your credit card/loan accounts, and it not longer does that. He only way to find out how much you owe on the current bill is to go onto the desktop site and log in, or wait for your bill in the mail. Overall a great app for a small credit union, I'd just like to see the amount owed on loan accounts come back.

Needs fixing!

Always has network connection errors and freezes. Won't let me transfer between my accounts. I always have to delete and re-download.

Good but..

The mobile deposit function is very buggy! Always freezes up. Takes 3-5 tries sometimes to deposit a check

Good but...

Does not show credit card transactions.

It works... But

I enjoy having maps credit union as my choice of banks. They are trustworthy and have never slipped any hidden fees on me. With that being said, I know I'm not rating the credit union but only the app so the 4 stars is for the app. The app works, I can log in fine and check stuff. My only complaint, and I'm sure many other people feel the same, is while checking the balance and transactions, it's impossible to scroll down the list without accidentally triggering the side menu. They set up the command for dragging that little menu open on the side. If you swipe at an angle AT ALL while trying to see your list of transactions, that menu will pop out. Other than that, great app. 4 stars because the problem does not hinder the end result of using the app, just makes it more difficult attaining the end result.

Not so good

I think the old app was way better then the new update. I don't like you can't at a glance see what is pending or see what has cleared with our opening each transaction. Also what is up with no bank total on the transaction side of the page.


Check deposit doesn't work, login is long and unnecessary, app is not clean. Very poorly made. The old version was better. Needs to be fixed ASAP


As much as I love the bank itself, I hate this app. The check deposit feature doesn't even work. When I'm scrolling down my transaction list, it automatically sends me to the selection on the right hand side. It's frustrating using this app.

Automatic login miss.

I missed the ability to be able to login automatically after launching the app. This new version makes you type in use your ID and the password. It is a little bit of time consuming and I miss the old app version. Maps credit union, you missed up on this one a little bit. Also when are we getting Touch ID capabilities.

Not a fan of the new version

It's such a hassle to enter your user and password. The other version was better. This new version took all the convenience away. Be easier to log on from safari. Please fix!

Thank You

I really don't get the complains. I think it's awesome that my small bank has an app that works for me. I was able to deposit a check, and so far it has not crashed. That apparently inconvenient login is worth while for the security of my account. I expect to login every time, how is it people find it inconvenient that such a secure measure is taken to protect their money? The only thing I would change is keeping the site on the web browser from going to the mobile mode. I much rather use the full site and not the mobile version. If I want the mobile version I can just use the app.

Works great!

I love this app! Yes, it doesn't have every feature that other bank apps have, but it shows the necessities, and works well. I have experience no problems. Thanks!


I used to use this app to frequently check my balance from my iPhone. However, every time that I have tried to use the MaPS app for the last couple of months it has crashed. Please get this fixed.


I can't view my bank accounts in the app even after deleting and re-installing. I just have a blank accounts screen. I selected "app support" to get some help, and it takes me directly to the Maps website. Looks like the solution is to just view my accounts through the website. Thanks for nothing, iParse!


This application is very useful with the information it provides. Sign with your information and your accounts are listed with loans. I haven't used the "Bill Pay" section, but from what I have used I rate 4 out of 5.


Lately every single time I get on to check anything it automatically crashes after I hit my accounts. But before that was happening It wouldn't show me my list of transactions I have made on my maps credit card, hopefully they fix this soon!

Needs some more features

I'm giving this app only 3 stars because of the lack of features. Would be nice if there was app check deposits, especially if you are out of town and having to deposit a check. No credit union outside of Polk and Marion county to deposit. Very basic app. Needs some more improvement.


There is a problem with login again please fix ASAP

Rarely works!!

Never work, so many weak updates. Get it together!!

Business Owner.

App goes down to often......2 star

fix this already

no account info at all, pointless to have until fixed


App lets us log in, but we can't see our account information. Please fix!!!


This app crashes and won't load my account information after being logged in. It's super frustrating because something so simple rarely works! I'd like to see my account balance when I log in maps.

Account info.

I have been trying to get into my account info to check my balance and it keeps crashing it only does it with the iPhone app. What's going on and when will it be fixed?

Works great

Was able to login and check balances with ease. Ability to save login information for quick access. Would benefit from a check deposit via photo feature like the Chase app to eliminate trips to the bank.


The app is broken on both my iPhone 4S and my iPhone 5 - Crashes while logging into account. Tried different accounts. Tried uninstalling etc.


Does nothing but opens and tries loading account info then crashes. Randomly started doing it.

All of a sudden it crashes (every time)

I dont know what happened but it was working fine up until a few days ago but now every single time I load up and check the acct status it crashes. FIX IT ASAP

Won't let me access my accounts

The app starts just fine, but when I try to view my account balance it closes. I'm able to login on my computer so I think it is specific to the app.

Fix please

The point of update is to fix things, make things better. Please fix.

Negative -10 stars

This is the worst app. I thought it was junk before the update, NOW it's completely unusable. Because this app forced me to change my username, I had to make a trip to the bank just to fix my account. I thought updates were to improve the app, not kill it completely. Whomever is responsible for creating this thing should be fired.

Stop the super quick session time out...

Four minutes before session times out and I have to re-log in? I don't use a computer anymore... This is how I balance my checkbook. Give me longer than FOUR MINUTES! So frustrating. Ridiculous!

Since Update -2 Stars

The app worked great easy to use. Now since update cant ever find pending transactions and the loading is slower. Fix Speed Easy access to pending transactions


I think it's awesome for a small credit union like maps to make an app for smart phones, some banks don't even have this luxury yet! Thanks Maps!


Really impressed with it love being able to transfer between accts.


The app never works! Get your act together before I switch banks son!

Finally a good bank app

Thanks maps you did a good job on this app. I'm telling all my friends about it. Thanks....... Erod


Alerts would be great, but as is it is now my go to app for banking (instead of the website). Thanks for finally making an app!

Great could be better

So glad MaPS finally got mobile banking. App works good but could be better. Add some things like balance alerts, ebills and please add expected delivery date on bill pay.


I love this application, I'm so happy my credit union has stepped it up, way to go maps.


Atleast I get to view my account faster now. Take some features from other bank apps such as keybank or chase.

Doesn't work

This app needs to be updated. O haven't been able to log on once since I downloaded it. Ridiculous.


Been waiting on this app since I got my device and it's great, remembers your accounts, detail of each transaction, etc... Had a few problems logging in first time even though was putting my data in correct, once logged in it works great.

Good but could be great

It's good but it could be better. Add instant depositing using iPod touch4 and iPhone; alerts for when balance gets low (on device, not email) and statements

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